Access Flooring Design, Installation and Maintenance

Access Floor Specialists can design and install your access flooring project. We provide access flooring solutions for class A office spaces, libraries, cainos health care and higher education facilities, computer rooms and data centers. Access floor provides flexibility and saves owners operating costs. An access floor, coupled with a modular wiring system, under floor air distribution and modular carpeting (Tate's Positile), creates long term savings for the owner and credits for green building or LEED certification.

An access floor system is the building design of forward thinking owners. As of today over 95% of new construction in Japan, and over 60% of new construction in Europe are being designed with an access floor system. Along with a major boom in the United States being lead by large technology firms and the United States government, access floor systems are backed by the GSA for its value as determined by its ROI. An access floor system coupled with underfloor wiring, data cabling and HVAC services combined with significant structural advantages offer incomparable long-term value and flexibility.

Raised floor systems deliver an unlimited ability to reconfigure data and electrical systems on demand. Underfloor air distribution reduces energy costs, improves indoor air quality, and enhances personal productivity and comfort. These benefits and more reside in a green building, environmentally-conscious construction solution.

Over our 20 year history Access Floor Specialists are the definitive source for bringing today's buildings into the future.

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