First-Cost Competitive
When holistically integrated with the building design, access floors with underfloor service distribution is first-cost comparable to conventional systems. A Carnegie Melon study found that a building with an access floor and underfloor service distribution was only a $0.25/sq. ft. building premium to a conventional building. That same study found that the annual, operational, churn, and energy savings overcame the building premium in the very first year.

Improves Productivity
ASHRAE confirms that underfloor air distribution is significantly cleaner than traditional overhead systems. Overhead systems have 3.5-4.5 million dust particles per cubic foot where an underfloor system only has 1 million particles per cubic foot. With 3 to 4 times less particles floating around in your office absenteeism drops, increasing productivity. Not to mention personalized HVAC control with dampers at each work station eliminates the constant “I’m too hot/I’m too cold” complaint.

Green & Sustainable
Access Floors with underfloor service distribution contribute to the ability to accumulate up to 16 LEED points in the areas of Energy & Atmosphere, Materials & Resources, and Indoor Environmental Quality.

Operational Savings
Considerable operation and maintenance savings are realized: superior energy efficiency is achieved with underfloor air, while accessible and flexible access floor and underfloor air, plug-&-play wire and cable streamline reconfigurations and reduce churn costs. See the video for more information.

Easily Adapts as your Business Changes
An access floor with modular, plug-&-play power wiring, cabling, and air components provide complete flexibility. As your business needs change, so can your service distribution system — quickly, easily, and cost-effectively.

Increases Development Property Value & Maximizes ROI
A service distribution system that is first-cost competitive; provides operational cost savings; easily adapts to your evolving business needs; improves occupant satisfaction; and green and sustainable is a sound financial decision.

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