Specialty Products

Access Floor Specialists is a comprehensive access floor provider. We can assist you with your project by offering many ancillary access floor components including ramps, steps, handrails, modular wiring systems, perforated panels including GrateAir, and panel lifters.

Modular wiring systems can save money and construction time. Ask us how to save money using voice and data plug and play modular wiring systems.

As the new servers produce more heat, perforated panels and their placement become more critical in today's computer room environment. We can assist you with perforated tile placement. We offer a full range of perforated panels including panels from Tate Access Floors, GrateAire, and woodcore panels.

Koldlok cable openings can be installed to allow wires to be cut through your access floor panels without air loss.

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Has your access floor been in place for a while? Have you looked under it lately? Your computer room may not be as clean as you think. Contact us for a quote for a comprehensive access floor cleaning.