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Access Floor Specialists offers AIA continuing education credits. If your firm is interested in learning more about access floors while earning AIA credits, please contacts us. We currently offer three seminars: Raised Access Floors: The Next Generation of Finishes. Underfloor Service Distribution: A Key Strategy for Green Buildings. Data Center Airflow Delivery in a Diverse and Variable Load Environment

All of the lunch and learn presentation compare and contrast the benefits and costs of designing a building with a raised floor and under floor utility distribution. The video to the right highlight some of the benefits of Underfloor Air distribution including, increased energy efficiency, improved indoor air quality, and improved comfort for occupants in the space.

Technical data is available from Tate's Website

Architect's Testimonials

Architect: William McDonough + Partners

Article: Feature on William McDonough

Today's Facility Manager Magazine

“Our use of raised floors on a large scale is a real serious idea. We’ve had thousands of architects come through our buildings to witness our use of raised flooring. We’re seeing raised flooring as the standard in Silicon Valley. It allows us to use nighttime air, so everybody has fresh air. It’s a marvelous thing.”

- William McDonough, Principal & Founder
Architect: Gensler

Website: www.gensler.com

Sustainable Design

“As designer of the first large scale U.S. office building to use underfloor air systems, Gensler has been at the forefront of the movement for responsible design that considers the impact of decisions today on our lives tomorrow. And a sustainable approach produces the business results that matter for our clients: Reduced energy and operating costs, Improved image and marketing advantages, enhanced workplace performance and quality of life.”

Architect: The Design Alliance

Article: 3 Case Studies for Improved IAQ

Environmental Design + Construction Magazine

Quote regarding the use of access flooring and underfloor air in the design for Alcoa’s new headquarters:

“Not only did the system allow the designers to go with an 11’ 6” ceiling for improved day-lighting…but it also reduced ductwork, and most importantly for Powell, reduced the amount of money spent on office re-organization…So we realized the need to be able to make changes in 24 hours that used to take three months.”

- Martin Powell, Principal
Architect: Astorino

Website: www.buildings.com

Article: Changing the Rules

Quote regarding the use of access flooring and underfloor air in the design for PNC Firstside Center, the largest U.S. Green Building Council’s certified building achieving a Silver level award under its LEED program:

“…To achieve the needed high flexibility, the facility was designed with modular flooring. As a result, relocation costs dropped to $300 per employee…The facility’s hybrid air distribution system also delivers maximum user comfort and control…Many people were skeptical and said it was not economical, but we persisted. We analyzed costs closely…and realized the economy was there…The trick is to look at the whole picture.”

- Elmer Burger, Principal